15 March, 2010

Rouxbe Cooking School

To all of my foodie friends and fellow bloggers out there, I just found a fabulous web site through Keren Brown/Foodportunity (aka. The Frantic Foodie) and I'm absolutely in love with it already. It's in partnership with the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver. It's a free site (but you can also upgrade for more goodness) where you can learn all kinds of kitchen techniques through really well-done video tutorials.

I clicked on the first one "How to Cook Pasta" and thought it would be ridiculous because cooking pasta is simple, right? But I found out I'd been doing it all wrong! I learned so much in a two-minute video. They have all kinds of other useful tutorials that I will be checking out when I have a little bit more time. I'm very excited.

And did I mention that it's FREE?!



  1. Hi Jackie. Thanks so much for this wonderful post about Rouxbe. It is amazing how many people say "I thought I knew how to..." before they watch one of our instructional videos :-)

    Just to clarify for your readers what they can access on Rouxbe...about half of our ~1,000 videos are available for free, and our premium membership -- which is the same curriculum as taught in professional cooking schools -- is available with a subscription.


  2. Thanks for the clarification, Paul. I will definitely be upgrading soon. I am already in love with the site and have only watched a handful of the free videos. I really feel like this is the next wave of cooking instruction. Such a fabulous idea, and great for those who want to learn but are intimidated by actual culinary school, which is geared toward professional careers.

  3. Thanks for the head's up! I heard about this site months ago and filed it away as "one to visit" - but I needed the reminder. Can't wait to learn how to make pasta the "right way."