28 May, 2010

French Women Really Don't Get Fat...

...At least not THIS French woman. Mireille Guiliano is lean, fit, and fun. I enjoyed listening to her. More than I expected to.

She seems to have passion for what (and how) people eat, without being snobbish. I expected her European demeanor to have more reproach for the American food culture, but it didn't. She understood that people are in a hurry, eat quickly, and don't have a proper relationship with their food. This is what she talks about. Enjoying your food, not just inhaling it.

The talk was organized by Keren Brown (thanks, Keren!) who was able to snag a few review copies, as well. Present were women AND men, something that surprised me. She said that actually, over the years, her fans have become about 30% male and 70% female. That's an impressive ratio for someone who talks about French women in her book title. Not only that, but the subject is cooking/eating, a topic that is largely discussed among the general female population, not as much with men. (Although, mind you, there are plenty of men in the food/restaurant business. But in general, the average American man doesn't sit around discussing food and culinary techniques at length.)

I took a review copy of her new cookbook, and I've already read part of it. It is not necessarily a low-fat book. Nor is it low-carb. It's an interesting mix of dishes. I am attracted to her breakfast ideas. I've already tried one of the recipes ("Strawberry-Banana-Oatmeal Smoothie"), which curbed my hunger all morning until lunch. Amazing! She really emphasizes breakfast as the most important meal of the day, and she has many great, healthy breakfast recipes I'm going to try.

I found her talk to be very enlightening and glad I went. It was a Monday morning, and yet it was well-attended for a weekday. What a great turnout--people skipped work to come see her!

The Muse Cafe on Queen Anne.

Stack of review books (I took one) and Keren Brown, organizer

Mireille and Keren Brown discussing something

Mireille talking to an engrossed cafe crowd


Cafe crowd

Signing books

There were MEN (!) at this talk

Paola Thomas with her review copy
and Melody Biringer of Crave Seattle with Mireille


More dudes!

Ashley Rodriguez and myself

Signing books


  1. Cool review, and great photography as usual! I guess I've got to quit skipping breakfast... :-p

  2. Maybe the dudes came to see the thin French women...?