20 May, 2010

Restaurant Zoë

A couple of weeks ago, after a lovely happy hour at Pintxo, a friend and I went to Restaurant Zoë for dinner. We decided to eat family style and share several smaller courses, instead of opting each for our own dinner. It was a fabulous way to try a few different bites of a few different dishes. In fact, I think I've decided that this is the way to dine!

We also noticed that the color palette of our dishes matched in lovely shades of green and brown. And the plating... My goodness! These dishes were edible art pieces. Even the simple sorbet dessert was gorgeous. A very delicious and beautiful meal all around. I will definitely be back for a closer look at other items on the menu. The ones I tried all received high marks for presentation and flavor.

As always, here are the visual highlights of the meal.

The dinner menus looked like personal invitations to 
a private, fancy dinner party. Classy.

Great atmosphere inside the dining room.

Very friendly and helpful staff and a tasty cocktail.

Next time, I'll try some wine.

The best pre-dinner bread: moist, buttery, and aromatic
rosemary bread with a tasty balsamic dip full of "stuff".

Little amuse bouche bites before our meal. I don't know what
they were, but it was tasty and a great way to whet the appetite.

The Spring Risotto: creamy and crunchy and understated.
Very good and not too filling. Just right.

A gorgeous dish and not too rich at all. I love a good risotto.

Dungeness crab with a brioche crouton, shaved green
asparagus, and ramp pistou. That's some kind of gorgeous.

This was the specialty hash that evening. Very, very good.
Possibly my favorite of the evening. The meat had a
great flavor, the potato was both firm and tender, 
and the greens were delicious. Meat 'n taters, done up fancy!

The fish at the neighboring table looked incredible, and
appeared to be served on a bed of the spring risotto.
(Yes, sometimes we spy other people's meals. We like
to know what we're missing!)

A lovely evening to be out on the town.

Sorbet made from local, in-season rhubarb and served with
mini madeleines. Really refreshing and tasty!

Isn't that gorgeous?!

The final treat of the night was no less gorgeous and tasty.
This is the Warm Chocolate Hazelnut Torte.
Served with espresso crème anglaise, candied hazelnuts,
and drizzled in caramel.

Deliciously messy.

I highly recommend this restaurant, and it really didn't set us back an arm and a leg, either. For the offerings and the service, I honestly expected it to cost more.

I will be going back for seconds, that's for sure. 


  1. Oh MY. Some kind of gorgeous, indeed. What was the green in the risotto? It makes me think of pesto, but that seems like it would be far too strong in such high proportion.

  2. Great post and photos--that shot of the hash is amazing. Good, good times!

  3. Hey Michelle, you would have loved this place! So, the green in the risotto was nothing so heavy as real pesto, but with the pinenuts, could be considered a light and highly tweaked version of a pesto. It had sorrel, mascarpone, fines herbs, and toasted pinenuts. I think the cheese mixed with sorrel was the bright green in the dish, because the herbs and pinenuts are simply sprinkled on top. It was THAT simple of a dish. (I'm sure there was broth in the rice but it wasn't overwhelmingly salty, and the green was probably just pureed sorrel.)

  4. I agree, that sharing lots of little plates the only way to eat! Especially at restaurants when you really do want to try everything. Do Zoe and Lola have professional photographers doing their promo/marketing materials? If not, you may have just landed yourself some new jobs :). So so incredibly beautiful!

  5. I don't know how I missed this blog, but these are beautiful photographs and we need to eat out again soon!