25 May, 2010

Spring Hill Heaven.

The upscale West Seattle restaurant, Spring Hill, offers a decidedly downscale dinner on Monday nights: Fried Chicken. It's the real deal. Served with a plethora of complementary and tasty side dishes, this fried-chicken extravaganza is even served family-style, not entirely unlike the KFC buckets of yore.

Their chicken dinners are so popular, we had to wait a few weeks for the next available Monday-night table. And, since then, we've booked yet another reservation (it was THAT good, that we're going again), and this time, it's booked out even longer. (Lord, please don't let me get hit by a bus before June 28th.)

The dinner is, as mentioned, served family-style with a big ole pile of cripsy fowl, where everyone just digs in. And you gotta book a table for four, so if you're a romantic couple looking for a night out, you'd better grab another couple and skip the romance. The chicken has the perfect crisp on the outside and the perfect slurp inside. Side dishes included a version of Mac 'n cheese done with herbed Spaetzle, a mixed salad (the only unremarkable thing on the table), pillowy mashed taters and gravy, the best broccoli I've ever tasted (no, really), and jalepeno cornbread with honey butter.

And the best part? There was enough chicken for all four of us to take home for another full meal. The whole thing cost $80 per table (plus drinks).

Without further ado, here is my gallery of images from the dinner.

We're ready!

The open kitchen.

Lots and lots of chicken.

Low-key atmosphere and the restaurant was packed. 
Good sign.

Quick service, as they know what we were there for. :)

It was even bigger than it looks.

Paula taking photos of the food

Mashed potatoes and fancy-pants Mac 'n' Cheese

The real deal.

Tonight's dinner, and tomorrow night's dinner.


  1. Yum, that mac-n-cheese looks great.
    I made your Risotto al Limone last weekend. It differed from yours only in that I used unsalted butter, fresh peas, and vegetable broth. It was by far the best risotto I've made, and one of the better ones I've tasted. The lemon flavor was very light, but stronger in the next day's leftovers.
    Great recipe. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Terry, I'm glad you liked it. I absolutely love that recipe, so I'm glad it's finding other homes, too. :-)

  3. This looks delish! Tempting me to drive down from Marysville.

    Lovely photos, as always!!!

  4. My gawd, I may need to make a special trip to Seattle. Fried chicken and a hybrid mac-n-cheese/spaetzle dish? Heaven.

  5. Good stuff. Nice photos. It was a great dinner. Glad you are going back for more. :)

  6. Noooooooooo!

    I had a total craving for fried chicken today, but by the time I got around to dinner, there was none to be found. Now I'm reduced to weak-kneed gazing at my computer screen.

    P.S. "The perfect slurp" - love it!