04 June, 2010

Vancouver's Best Breakfast - Twisted Fork

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Okay, so I haven't had all of Vancouver's breakfasts, but I'm stopping here. No need to explore further! This is the most amazing breakfast I've had in a long time. Here, they call it "brunch", but it my town, brunch is a buffet of offerings. But at the Twisted Fork Bistro, their "buffet" is a menu. So, for American purposes, let's just call it breakfast.

Basically, for $11 (a steal!), you get any item off of the menu, and you may add in all kind of other items for extra. I love the idea that you can get an amazing breakfast, in a place that is both cheery and wistful, and without being pushy, they'll serve you the most amazing breakfast drinks, such as a Slinky Mink (essentially, a raspberry mimosa), all for a small price.

For me, enjoying a meal out is a mathmatical equation. It essentially amounts to 25% atmosphere, 50% taste, and 25% price. Sometimes the scales shift if, say, the atmosphere REALLY sucks or I agree to part with a large amount of cash because I know the meal will be worth it. But generally, for an average dining experience, this is how I rate whether I like a place or not. In this case, all three were big winners. The atmosphere was amazing, and our server, the gorgeous redheaded Bridey, was cheery (without being obnoxiously bubbily) and really seemed to enjoy being helpful, and she stopped by our table frequently, without being the least bit intrusive. Not only that, but the atmosphere was artistic and yet humble. It was both upscale and down-home. I loved just sitting in there. And the food tasted as good as it looked. It was presented beautifully, tasted achingly divine, and left all three of us professing our undying love.

If you're in Vancouver (or plan to be), add this to your weekend breakfast schedule. But plan ahead as we had to wait 45 minutes for a table, and I don't doubt that this is common for this place. I'd like to add that their lunch and dinner menus looked equally appetizing, with tasty items, such as "Rosemary Tenderloin Skewers", "Free-range Chicken Stuffed with Brie on Butternut Squash Risotto", and "Duck Confit with Squash-Pear Jam". For such gourmet items, their prices are beyond reasonable. Even their French press coffee was outstanding. Check out their web site for more info!

On the street, waiting for a table

Granville Street


Full bar

Diners and their drinks

On the ends of the twisted forks, there were raspberries

Fabulous menu offerings

Banana-stuffed brioche french toast (to die for)

So gorgeous - couldn't stop photographing it, so Jean
had to finally take a bite! 

Before. And after.

My Eggs Benedict with ham

Blair's breakfast beans with eggs
over brioche with white cheddar

Food and atmosphere both equally stunning

Really tasty breakfast beans and skillet hash browns

For $8, you can take home one of their preserves

Gorgeous preserves wall in the back of the restaurant



  1. Oooooh, baby. I'm salivating.

  2. Oh. My. God. That menu is orgasmic. And the pictures, too. Next time I'm in Lotusland I'll keep it in mind!

  3. Oh MY. I just realized I was leaning into my screen raptly, whimpering ever so slightly under my breath. That. Looks. INCREDIBLE.

    What were those raspberry drinks? So vibrantly colored!

  4. Michelle, the raspberry drinks were raspberry puree, lime juice and champagne. It tasted like a raspberry mimosa, really. Sweet and bubbily and happy-making. :-)

  5. wow! that sounds awesome! I'm bookmarking this for our next trip north, thanks!

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