19 December, 2010

A New Force in Fremont

Short rib, sambal daikon, and mustard greens rice bowl
with egg yolk on top

I was thrilled when Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi, owners of the Seattle restaurant, Joule, told me they were opening a new restaurant in Fremont, Revel.

I met Rachel and Seif several years ago when they hired me to photograph their wedding. After that, I've done several restaurant shoots for them, including the opening for Joule. A couple of weeks ago, Rachel wrote me and said "You have always been a part of the beginning of our big chapters and we were wondering if you can be for this one as well!" I was thrilled to shoot their new restaurant, and adjoining bar, Quoin, and to be celebrate with them on opening night.

The new space is both industrial and inviting. It's hard to explain, but it's a place you feel cozy in, but with an unassuming facade. Both Revel and Quoin were designed by Seattle's award-winning architect, Jim Graham, of Graham Baba Architects. The mural on the front facade is an art piece by Seattle graffiti artist, Pubs. The bar doesn't even have a sign. Very low-key and a just-come-on-in kind of place.

The food is a delightful selection of small bites. I tried the corned lamb, arugula, and nuoc cham salad ($9), the potato, garlic, and creme fraiche pancake ($7), the short rib, shallot, and scallion dumplings ($9), the short rib, sambal daikon, and mustard green rice bowl ($14), and the incredible five-spice duck balls, kale, and smoked chili noodles ($15). For dessert, there are three ice cream sandwiches (all $5): chocolate chip with chili ice cream and salted caramel cream, Vanilla pound cake with milk jam, and coffee, and coconut macaroon with Kaffir lime, and huckleberry compote.

Here is a selection of shots of the food at Revel, the drinks at Quoin, and a few of my favorite shots of the opening. All my very best to Rachel and Seif in this new chapter of their lives!

Revel architecture done by Jim Graham

Dining room

Sunchoke and spinach salad

Seif and Rachel in their amazing open kitchen with
a 24' walnut counter top



Potato pancake

Rice bowls and noodle bowls

Making dumplings

Condiments and the Chorizo dumplings

Manila clam soup with Zucchini, basil, and noodles


Vanilla pound cake ice cream sandwich with coffee

Chocolate chip cookies w/ chili ice cream and salted caramel

Drinks at Quoin

Infused sojus

"The Quoin" with processo, gin, Cynar, and lemon twist


  1. Wow, swanky! Those dishes look amazing. I'm in awe of your mad photography skillz.

  2. Jackie- the photos are AWESOME!! xo

  3. Really beautiful photos Jackie. I love the sunchoke and spinach salad, the potato pancakes and oh my goodness, the vanilla pound cake ice cream sandwich! I'm digging in my freezer to see if I have any pound cake to make this at home right now.

  4. Mmm...your beautiful photos are making me hungry! I can't wait to try Revel!

  5. Whoaaaaaaaaaa.

    We are going to have to go here together next time I'm in the area! That looks fantastic!

  6. I can't wait to try it! I'm still salivating over the memory of the meal I had at Joule, nearly a year ago.


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