20 April, 2011

Peep Show - An Edible Fashion Blog

Peeps Gone Wild!
With Easter coming up, it would only seem fitting to showcase a blonde bunny on the blog, wearing nothing but a bikini fashioned out of Peeps. Now, I don't know about you, but that's the kind of candy basket I can really sink my teeth into! (I am secretly hoping that this becomes traditional Pascha apparel. Linda is known for starting new trends!) Wearing edibles takes a bit of finesse; not everyone can pull this off. To be a food fashionista, it takes skill, a proper physique, and a good dose of creativity--all of which Linda has in ample abundance.

Linda is the brains and beauty behind Salty Seattle--the food blog that is getting (well deserved) wide recognition for her mad-scientist kitchen experiments, her culinary artistry, and her well-honed witticisms. She also started a sensational new movement called "Nudie Foodies"--gorgeous gourmands willing to peel off some clothing to raise money for Japan. She's been on Master Chef, and most recently the Cooking Channel, which described her as "the Lady Gaga of Cooking." Apropos.

Despite a crazy work schedule, when Linda asked if I had some time to shoot her in her edible bikini, I made time. If there's one thing I've learned as a photographer, it's that you don't turn down scantily clad women wearing food. Seriously. Learn from me here, people, and make this a rule of business. I know it sounds crazy, but you'll thank me later.

When I arrived at the Easter Bunny's house, her mother was busy gluing Peeps together, and explaining the hazards of using a glue gun near the bikini area. These mother-daughter peep shenanigans really warmed my heart; the way I see it, the family that peeps together, keeps together! (And, quite honestly, I found this to be my all-time favorite use for Peeps bar none.)

Fairy Peep-Mother

Easter Bunny's Tail
Peeper Woman! She can scale walls!

The Peep Fairy

The Good Witch of the Peeps

Peep-up Model

The hazards of modeling Peeps. Everybody wants to take a bite out
of your sweet bits!
Happy Easter, Everybody!

14 April, 2011

Hop Kiln (HKG) Winery and Kenwood Inn, Sonoma Valley

This was definitely one of the more pleasurable on-location photography assignments, nestled in the heart of Sonoma Valley, smack in the lap of luxury at the fabulous Kenwood Inn & Spa. Condé Nast rates the Inn as one of the Top 100 Destination Hotels in the World; I would rate it the top hotel I've ever nursed a cold in. (Yes, I was sick while there, but O, what a place to recuperate!) With port wine and piped-in Pavarotti on tap, and a fireplace in the boudoir, there really isn't any visible holds barred. Nary a TV on the premises, you are truly free from outside bombardment.

On to the shoot.

The shoot was supposed to happen at HKG's Tasting Room a couple of miles down the road in Glen Ellen, but due to some construction issues beyond their control, it wasn't in the perfect state for shooting. Since the two chefs and sommelier of Kenwood Inn have had a hand in creating the menu for Hop Kiln Winery's new tasting room venture, it was appropriate enough to work directly from Kenwood's kitchen.

Here are some of the highlights of the HKG wine pairing menu, some of the creators behind the food and wine selections, and the decor of the truly breathtaking Kenwood Inn.

Many thanks to Lissa Gruman (of Gruman & Nicoll PR firm), Karl Bruno (General Manager of Kenwood), and Jean Leggett (photography assistant extraordinaire) for all having a hand in this shoot. A final shout out to the fabulous chefs and wine director: Pastry Chef Khambay Khamsyvoravong, Executive Chef Andrea Di Loreto, and Wine Director, Ann Davis.

The ladies of Kenwood Inn

The pastry chef and one of her creations

The dining room

The view from my bed