27 June, 2012

Seattle's Quarterly Foodportunity Shindig

Once again, Keren Brown has put on another successful Seattle Foodportunity networking event, held at the lovely Palace Ballroom. It's a great event for writers, chefs, food producers, foodies, and restaurateurs to network, mingle, and nosh on good eats.

As usual, there were many participating restaurants and food producers, as well as guest chefs and cookbook writers. Here are some photos showcasing a few of those who participated. I apologize in advance if I missed key folks; there are too many pictures to blog them all. So, these are only the highlights, certainly not a comprehensive listing of Who's Who.

Click any photo to view a larger version. Enjoy!

Keren Brown, Organizer

Far Eats made a fabulous curry

Cookbook authors Alice Currah, Michael Natkin, and Jess Thomson

Alice Currah with Keren Brown

Dry Fly Distillers made spicy drinks for everyone

Chefs McKracken and Tough

Author Amy Pennington


  1. Great pics of a great (and very tasty) event!


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