04 August, 2012

My Trip to the Upper Midwest

Last week, I came back from a trip to the Upper Midwest (northeastern Wisconsin, and the upper peninsula of Michigan). Before this, I'd never explored the Midwest apart from a couple of quick trips to visit a friend in Duluth (and an even quicker jaunt to Superior from there). I'd loved it there and was excited to return to the region and really explore it.

I stayed on a little chain of lakes right on the Michigan border (see photo of lake above) with Mike and his son at his family's cottage. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing new things, talking to the friendly locals, and especially trying the different foods. Interesting culinary differences: supper clubs, Friday Fish Fry, cheese curds, cheese shops, pasties, huge chocolate-chip pancakes, and butter burgers. (Sad to say that I did not try chocolate cheese or fried cheese curds.) It is a wonder I did not come home 500 pounds heavier, though. The Midwest food is not for the weak of heart!

Instead of writing a travelogue, I think I'll just let the photos tell the stories. (Click to view them larger.)

Cheese shops dot the Wisconsin landscape
Curds and smoked string cheese

Keyes Lake, Florence, WI

Barb's Cafe, Florence, WI
Jean Kay's Pasty Shop

Damian's Pasties

A butter burger from Kroll's in Green Bay, WI (yes, there is butter on that burger!)
Ski jump and and viewing deck
Annie's Trading Post

Pembine Family Restaurant
In Wisconsin, you can get your hash browns *inside* your omelette. Genius.
Friday Fish Fry is popular in Wisconsin (I had the Walleye Fish Fry)
The Tavern on Central, Florence, WI
Kids playing in the barrens

Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI (Go, Packers!)
Steamin' Joe's cinnamon rolls were perhaps the best I've ever had!
Tried two Wisconsin beers, both from New Glarus Brewing, both good!
Gina Marie's Supper Club


  1. Looks like a great getaway break. Loved the photos. How was the butter burger? What an interesting concept.

  2. Glorious, divine shots!

  3. Close to my homegrown roots in Iowa! Beautiful pictures that capture the spirit of the upper Midwest!

  4. Such fun to see these, downtown Wausaukee, JR's bar,Cree, etc. :)

  5. I too love the Creedawg photo!

  6. I'm going to do what retired people do - not worry about business. Maybe some traveling and some golf as well. Mostly I'm just looking forward to waking up in the morning and deciding what I want to do.

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  7. I grew up there. Great place to be a kid. Lots of fond memories. Although I'm out in Arizona since 1996, I go back usually once a year. Nice work on the photos. I'm a bit surprised the folks in Barbs didn't look at you like you were from Mars once you started taking pictures of them though...lol Go Bobcats!