17 June, 2014

Portugal, Tourism, and Gastronomy.

For me, travel always includes trips to local grocery stores, markets, spice shops, wineries, restaurants, and so on. Travel for me isn't just about new sights and sounds, but also tastes. I think to authentically experience a new place, I need to taste it.

I want to spend time in Portugal again. On my last visit, I positively enchanted, stayed with friends both in the city and the country, and had some of the best culinary experiences of my life around people's dinner tables, in small seaside restaurants, and country pubs.

I photograph food and people, as well as write about them too, and I'd love to capture the essence of the country through images and stories. Having had a close Portuguese friend, I actually know a few Portuguese words, but the people are so lovely, they will help you even if they don't fully understand you.

Portugal is at the top of my travel list and I'm looking forward to eating and drinking my way through it, meeting local food purveyors, learning new foods, and taking photos of the entire journey.